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Congratulations on making the decision to REFRESH your life and take the journey to a healthier and greener sustainable lifestyle!!


REFRESH-LOGO-400Are you looking for cleaner and greener ways of living for your family?

REFRESH-LOGO-400Do you want to get healthy, but still have the good stuff?

REFRESH-LOGO-400Do you want to learn how to tread lightly, but still have loads of fun?

The Refresh Project is a place to be inspired to make simple changes in your daily life to kickstart your journey to become super Healthy, with a sparkling Healthy Home in a clean Healthy World.

We are Sustainable Earth Mamas who have combined our passion for health and the environment to create a virtual space for real living – where you can find a way to work on improving your own health and the health of our planet.

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Over time we have been asked to help so many people as they try to live cleaner and greener lives. People were too busy to make the time to research, so we decided to create a one-stop-shop for busy people to be inspired to make subtle changes in their daily lives that over time have a huge impact on their family and in some cases the world.

We have birthed an inspired place where you can heal from the inside out and from the outside in!

REFRESH-LOGO-400We post exciting inspiration to help you Refresh & Get Healthy and Refresh & Go Green

REFRESH-LOGO-400We have also developed a Refresh & Go Green app with 52 simple steps to help you go green

REFRESH-LOGO-400We also post hand picked, tried and tested recipes to make amazing things from scratch for cleaning, eating, healing and for our body.

REFRESH-LOGO-400We love to share with you our Healthy Adventures of Healthy Eats Out and In The Garden.

REFRESH-LOGO-400You will find Inspiration and free gifts and of course The Little Green Book with all our resources for living a healthier and greener life.

REFRESH-LOGO-400We have also developed our Refresh Go Green app to inspire small green changes that will lead to great change over time

Get the Refresh Go Green App!

Get the Refresh Go Green App!


REFRESH-LOGO-400We’ve listened! We are making going green easy by handpicking eco goodies and making them available from our Store.


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