Make your own rose water and face toner

Rose water is a common ingredient used in natural personal care products. If you grow your own roses then it’s time to make this beautiful water.


Product:                Rose Water

Ingredients:               Roses & Water


Pour two cups of boiling water over one cup of fresh rose petals.

Make sure you haven’t used any insecticides on the roses though!

Allow the rose petals to steep until the water is cold.

Strain and pour the water into a sterile bottle or jar.

Store in the fridge (as this recipe has no preservatives).


Product:                 Face Toner


45ml Rose water or Distilled water

15ml Carrier oil (I use avocado oil, but you can choose your own favourite)

5 drops of pure Essential oil (I use lavender)


Mix all 3 ingredients in a bowl and transfer into a glass bottle (with spritzer).

Store in the fridge if using homemade rose water. If not, store in the bathroom.

Spray your face after cleansing and enjoy this beautiful, natural product

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