The Refresh Project is a place to be inspired to make simple changes in your daily life to kickstart your journey to become super Healthy, with a sparkling Healthy Home in a clean Healthy World.


More and more people are looking for cleaner and greener ways of living. We have to for our future. Regardless of what our beliefs are on global warming, climate change and the environment at large, we all agree on the fact that we want clean air to breathe now, clean water to drink and kids who will thrive (today and into the future) from eating healthy foods to nourish their minds, bodies and souls.

In this modern world we seem to have lost our way to live as nature intended. An abundance of manufactured foods at our disposal, chemicals available in mainstream products we consider safe and factories waste going into our waterways has all led us to lose sight of living sustainably. We now no longer live like our Great Grandparents did!

Our lives are centred around living clean and green. Over time we have been asked to help so many people as they try to live cleaner and greener lives. People were too busy to make the time to research, so we decided to create a one-stop-shop for busy people to be inspired to make subtle changes in their daily lives that over time have a huge impact on their family and in some cases the world.

We have birthed an inspired place where you can heal from the inside out and from the outside in.

REFRESH-LOGO-400We are Sustainable Earth Mamas who have joined our passion for health and the environment to create a space for real living. A space where you can find a way to live for your own health and the health of our planet and be inspired to make real change.

We will keep you posted on the latest clean and green trends as they impact on us and our world.


We will provide a place for you to learn more, strive for better ways to live, to share your knowledge and to get involved in some really exciting events and fun products in the future!

Enjoy the journey and be proud of the changes you make..small or big…they all have an impact!